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Couple of points, the core of the tuflites are fused cell EPS meaning that they allegedly won't take on any water even if you were to bore a hole through and surf it. If you are repairing it to sell and your efforts don't pan out there is an authorized surftech repair dealer in Harvey Cedars listed in the website (if you are in NJ but there are others up and down the East Coast).
Where on the website does it say that? The closest one i see on there is egg harbor.

And LBCrew I haven't been able to get to home depot but I'm just about ready to try out the repair. My only concern is that the hotcoat will come off bendy and rubbery like last time, is there anything I can do to prevent this? You're definitely supposed to use the hardener with the hotcoat right? I'm assuming that's why it's called "hot".