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But i have to bump this thread up,

the guys board is currently living in my garage now. It already looks home sick, and i really want to get it back to the owner. I would love to ride it and cheer it up a bit, but the board is unique and very distinct looking, i would hate to be called a thief in the water.

So i need YOUR help, What other ways can i get this board reunited? should i post a pic and rely on just the street info? How many bumps or days should i wait till its ethically rite to sell it? Is there any other local surfing social media outlets out there that i should know about?

It would be cool if the SwellInfo Community could solve this one together.

If you frequent that spot a lot....Jam a homemade sign in the ground that says if you left your surfboard behind, email me. Create a free email address just for this, dont use your normal one. Chances are, if the guy surfs there, he'll be back, or a friend will etc. It's effort on your part, but it might work.

Craigslist as somebody mentioned, is a good idea as well.