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    stationary bike helped me the most for sure along with the perscribed rehab ive had both knees done .just dont push it to hard even when it starts to feel solid and def stay solid with the icing whenever it first knee i didnt use the stationary bike as much def way slower healing than my last knee hands down and my last was waay worse than the orginal . cycle, cycle, cycle best thing from my experience good luck

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    Guess im going to dust off the indo board in the basement somewhere. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.

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    def agree one leg squats on floor first then bosu ball or indo. used to flip bosu over and roll from heel to toe in one big circle touchn the peremiter of the plastic platform on the ground allll the way around def helped with all the little stabalizer muscles and breakn that scar tissue up. but again baby steps bro .ive given up alll heavy weights on legs strickly body weight exercises only seems to def have helped atleast for me .everything i do for legs is all one legged balancing has helped my surfn a ton

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    Had a torn meniscus surgery back in Jan. 2012. Stuck with PT and was back catching waves about 4 weeks later. Wore a neoprene brace for a good 6 months after that. 18 months later and some days there's still some pain and stiffness. I was really good about PT and I started a yoga regimen as well. Hang in there man, you'll get it back. Just don't push it to hard and surf as much as you can. Good luck.
    Had the same meniscus surgery about 10 years ago. I agree that yoga is great for recovery. Keep up with rehab and strength training. I have found that if I don't work out, my knee gives me problems.

    Don't know where you live but CL in north florida is usually full of surfboards.