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    Quote Originally Posted by gnurider7 View Post
    that place is located on the outskirts of San Juan Del Sur. no waves in the actual bay of SJDS so you'll be surfing Maderas for the most part. Alot of backpackers traveling thru SJDS, tourists looking to party, learning to surf, etc.
    One of the more crowded spots but a mellow vibe for sure. a good wave for a beginner looking to learn and have a good time.
    a lesson or 2 won't hurt either.
    have fun!
    Have you been? Yeah from what I have been reading, the surf ranch is a sort drive to a couple different beaches. We are suppose to get lessons while we are there.

  2. Nica is great. Stay on the inside and take the double ups and white water. Watch other surfers from the second they get in the water until they catch waves and try to copy them. There will be spots that are more for beginners and will be easy to find. Learn how the Ocean works, go for swims, bodyboard ect. spend time in the water. You will not be surfing like you want for a very very long time so have patience

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    i live an hour and a half north but have never stopped in. passed by a few times tho. 3-4 good waves for beginners in that general area.

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    I loved I caught some really fun waves, I would definitely go back there. You should have a pretty good time everybody was pretty friendly and there were a lot of Americans and other tourists there so it was cool to hear everyone's story.

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    Start taking lesson now, SUP and surfing are not quite the same. The lakes have some decent breaks, buy a Costco long board, good way to start, and paddle, paddle and paddle some more. The first time you paddle out in any type of surf, can be a challenge. SUP and board paddleing are different muscles. Be sure to bring lots of suncare... The best to uses is Bullfrog gel 30 or 50, will not come off in the water, and a long sleeve rash guard.
    Never been to Nica, just Costa Rica. Hoping to go to Playa Santana in November.