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    Delaware Rt 1 closed

    I heard that RT 1, in between dewey and indian river inlet got flooded and was closed today. That hasn't happened in a while to my recollection.

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    I was there last year or the year before when it was closed. It was a result of the sound washing over.

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    last time it was like that was ernesto

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    Anyone in OC today? I wasn't but last time it was like this the wave in the bay by the 50 bridge was breaking. I heard the storm surge was huge so who knows if it was shallow enough. Anyone see anything?

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    I was one of the last ones they let over it was at least 1ft of water at the bottom of the s.side, cape henelopen park was closed and a research vessel thats been docked in lewes was just rescued off the coast leaving one dead.

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    yeah absolutly insane weather today, i drove down route 1 right after they re-opened it..... water on all sides of it, the road was barely above the water line between indian river and dewey.... and this was like 1.5-2 hours after the high tide.

    check out the storm surge @
    one of my favorite sites

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    Anyone heard if this road is still closed?

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    I checked this morning at around 8 and I asked the guys standing there and they said in a few hours it would be open, so I hope it is.

    Just checked deldot and it is open...
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    Yeah I was just trying to decide whether to come in on 1 or back door it on 113.