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    Lightbulb what size board should i ride?

    I ride a 6'2x19x2.5 alt. as my good wave board, but i rode a shorter, thinner and not-as-wide board the other day in overhead barrels and it felt so much better- it was a 6' but im not sure about the width, the thickness was 2 3/18. Im only 168lbs and 6' tall, and im in good surfing shape. im an int-adv. surfer and i want to get a shortboard that has appropriate dims for me.
    What dims would be good for me? my cousin said im riding too big of boards for my ability and size, so i was just wondering what you guys think cause most of you know boards inside and out.
    Any positive input would be appreciaited.

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    It totally depends on what model you're looking at. A 6'0 in one model might work for you, while a 5'6 in another, and a 6'6 in another. Figure out want you want first, then go from there. If you rode something and liked it, go with that.

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    I would either work with a local shaper to dial something in or, Matt biolos of Lost surfboards has a blog where you can ask questions about boards/dimensions that Matt himself supposedly answers.

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    demo boards ??????