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    Serious question: buoy readings/tidal anomaly

    Hey Forum

    Just curious, I'm usually pretty good with checking the buoy data readings from National Data Buoy Center, especially Station 44065 (NY harbor entrance)

    Over the years I've found it to be a pretty straightforward, simple way to get realtime readings. However today I'm a bit stumped.

    Buoy is reading Wave Height (WVHT): 5.2 ft
    However, near shore, cams, etc are looking really weak. Maybe a 2ft shorebreak in Long Beach, NY. Weak during the incoming high tide..looks really flat

    Is this higher buoy reading due to the unusual higher tides that scientists have been studying?

    (old article, but ongoing continuing pattern? "Boon, a professor emeritus of marine science who has studied tides most of his career, described how Atlantic wind patterns and currents can subtly shift, often without explanation. The shift, in turn, pushes more water onto East Coast beaches, marshes and coastline through higher tides.")

    or am I missing something else?

    Usually, I find if forecasts are chest high, buoy wvht is fairly accurate. I just don't know what to make of today

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    I always use 44025 the LI buoy. Wave direction is NE. No bueno for Long Island...

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    Ah, got it... I should also use 44025 to average it out. 44064 has the swell direction coming in ESE... but I think you're right.
    Swell trains in LOLA are showing S and NE, but I guess the buoys are getting the stronger NE swell... hence the 'false positive' reading


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    a lot of east in it and the low tide was draining it out early. eastern spots turned on after 9am with fun, clean chest high surf. always trust the buoy!

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    Hey Travy,

    Yeah, seeing a lot of East in the swell now that I'm digging deeper. So NJ was nice? Good for you guys!

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    Winds are hard North, pushing waves away from the coast.
    If you look at the Swellinfo wave maps, you can the direction of the dominant swell, which today is moving away from Long Island.

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    Where do you read these bout readings from? ( I'm just curious cause I have no idea) Also could someone tell me which one to check for Ocean City NJ. I would appreciate it greatly

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreko View Post
    Hey Travy,

    Yeah, seeing a lot of East in the swell now that I'm digging deeper. So NJ was nice? Good for you guys!
    rockaways yo!

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    You gotta look at the period too. 5 feet at 6 seconds is much worse than 3 feet at 12 seconds.

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    For OCSURF32:

    You asked which buoy for Ocean City?