So today is my birthday and I took my new 9'4 Takayama NR2 (which I think is the best board for East Coast longboard waves) out on its maiden surf.

It was thigh to waist high on the sets with a light NW wind down here at Charlotte St. in Wrightsville Beach. Nice little A frames with a slow peeling right but the lefts were bowling up and offering a nice little pocket for getting to the nose. Water temp is 79 and the dolphins were in close to shore snacking. Beautiful morning...

I take off from the peak and go left and a guy on a funboard takes off from the shoulder also going left. I'm having fun getting the feel for my new longboard so I don't say anything and just cruise down the line behind him. As the wave tapers off, he attempts a cutback. I straighten out to get out of his way but he loses speed and falls off and our boards bump.

He gets onto his board and gets very aggressive immediately. His argument is that I should have gone right because he was going left. I told him I could go whichever way that I preferred and that he was at fault for dropping in on me. I'm a goofyfooter by the way, although I'm comfortable going left or right. The "conversation" got pretty heated and he was adamant that he was correct. I feel he was wrong.

Any thoughts?