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same here pjb super fun square barrels till the tide came in and its still fun out there
Right on, Gilman. Not a bad day to live in New Jersey. Jeez, it was so fun, I'm actually in a good mood today. Hey, go get a couple of slices from Panzones for me. I hope that place is still good and hasn't capped out like so many other things. Golly, I haven't been there since 2007.

Really you Swellinfo people, today was one of them smaller but extremely fun days. Morning sheet glass, solid little lines rolling through. Bubs, turn sections, ramps........all you ever wanted but were afraid to ax for.

Perfect waves for a perfect state. New Jersey and you - perfect together. We are stronger than the storm. Remember, all y'all should come and spend some money especially from LBI - North. You don't necessarily have to surf but just give them your money. Thank you. Remember New Jersey is more important than North Carolina or Florida. Our textile mills and factories keep this country alive.

Ok that's a little outdated. Mill Street Factory Muttucks, shoot the moon.....I repeat, shoot the moon.