Sweet swell in VA Beach today, but who gets to experience it? - Only the sheep surfing the jetty and those fortunate enough to get out in the water before they shut it down. The sheepherders were on the loose enforcing arbitrary rules and cleaning out the ocean. I could see if the water was full of tourists and swimmers, but it wasn't. In fact, after the douche lifeguard kicked everyone out, the ocean was empty but for the 3 foot swell lolling itself onto the shore.

In a world where we debate long boarders vs. short boarders and surfers vs. spongers, if there is anyone that sucks its all the lifeguards and other rule enforcing lame f@$cks. If it weren't for them blindly following stupid, society might have a chance to escape its downward decline into softness. We are creating a society of soft people who need to be protected by the most mundane things such as rain falling from the sky, tiny waves breaking on the beach, and gluten.

Stop the insanity, and next time you see a lifeguard, show them the disrespect they deserve and show them your half-a-peace sign loud and proud because they suck just like cops and bureaucrats!