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    Thanks for the words of wisdom, squirt.

    You're welcome chief glad I could help

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    Whether you realize it or not, and I HATE to say this myself, "no surfing beaches" are of a great benefit to surfers. If you could surf anywhere, the amount of collisions between surfers and swimmers would skyrocket. and guess what... swimmers have just as much right to swim as we do to surf. and if you hurt someone by hitting them, they can sue you.

    Think of it this way. if someone is walking down a trail in a state park, and you run them over with a dirt bike, you would get sued, right? same thing.

    While I will argue til I die surfers deserve more "surfing only" beaches, the ones we have PROTECT US, not hurt us.

    grow up, stop "hating the man", and just deal with it. everyone complaining that they can't surf between 10am-5pm during the 3 flattest months of the year kills me.