i think you would be out of your mind to kayak to some of these islands. I took a trip out to wachapregue to surf. And I did it on a hurricane swell where the rest of OC was getting 6FT + groundswell.

It took about 15-20 minute boat ride with outboard motor. Went through the wach. inlet to explore the outer shoal. This shoal you would think would have potential. If you look from the island its about 1/4 of a mile out and all you see is this big sandy stretch usually with boats anchored on the backside and people walking over and fishing. its pretty amazing but there wasn't even more than a 2 foot wave.

the same thing could be said for the island itself. it wasn't breaking. saw a couple houses with surf boards but that was about it. honestly i think its hit or miss down there. who knows. those islands have the feel of assateague style wave so I really think its hit or miss. I checked it on the perfect swell, offshore winds, SE groundswell at 6foot OC. ended up missing a good day of waves where I could have been at bethany. Not worth it to me anymore.