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    Repair Surfboard

    I recently bought a used 5'6" placebo fish. This board was really cheap because of a ding he didn't want to fix. The ding was what appeared to be from a huge air and he landed in the flats. It broke the deck right where the heel goes and made an indentation. I repaired it with resin and fiberglass cloth and it has worked great until recently. After much use (turns and airs on a recently fun swell) it cracked the repair. This is because the is no stability under the repair and it flexed until it cracked. If anybody has any ideas on how to fill it but keep it lightweight they would be much appreciated. I have been looking into the q-cell filler but I feel like it would be to heavy. I also looked at a much more "home depot" fix of some pour foam or spackling. Thank you in advance for any help. Also, I definitely plan on riding this thing to the grave and my motto is go big or go home so it definitely needs to be strong.

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    You want to use a mix of filler and resin. The more filler you use the lighter it will be. U want to make it like a paste, but watery enough to fill in all the holes. After sand in flat and use resin and clothe to cover the patch.

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    Thank you for the quick reply. Sounds like what I was thinking, I'm just not familiar with filler itself. Also, do you think I should open the ding up completely to expose the foam core, or just attempt to fill under the pressed in deck? Thanks again.

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    Np rip it all out to bare fresh foam. Also remove any cracked or loose fiberglass from the deck. Good luck.

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    I'm assuming you used epoxy resin on the placebo and not poly resin(?) Poly resin is only for poly board repairs (epoxy resin can be used on both epoxy and poly boards).

    agreed, you should rip out all your first repair, but you might be able to just fill the hole with a chunk of standard styrofoam, then cover with epoxy resin and glass

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    Yes, I used epoxy resin. I don't think it's a hole as much as a pressure dent. If possible, I will try fitting some foam in, if not I will use tuggernuts method. Thank you both, will update when finished.

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    Just wanted to add a vote of confidence on the foam insert. Best way is to cut away all of the old fiberglass and filler, then make a template and square out the damaged foam with a router. Get a piece of scrap foam cut to fit tight, but tall enough to just be able to shape down to the surrounding foam level. Just use some white glue to glue the foam in, and don't use so much it squeezes out when you plug it in. Just be sure it's a good, tight fit. Then glass over it with at least two layers of cloth. If you can find it, use high density foam to prolong it from happening again. Good luck.

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    if its deep- foam it... if its not- q-cell...
    you need some give below the fiberglass- if its just filled with hard resin it will crack when the rest of the board gives/flexes when you perform a arial on those 23ft jersey waves...

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