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    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about my current situation. Currently I live / work 2hrs inland, been doing so for the last 8-9 years. The job I currently have has enabled me to buy new boards and all the accessories I need to enjoy surfing as much as one can living inland.

    I've been able to afford gas in my vehicle to drive 2 - 2.5hrs each way to the East Coast every weekend, and 45 minutes each way to and from the Gulf during the week / after work when there are actually waves. We take mini-vacations and stay 3-4 days on the E. Coast about every 6-8wks, and have taken two trips to Puerto Rico in the last 6-8 months and will be doing the same thing every year or so to someplace similar. So although I live inland I'm able to surf pretty frequently, just not as much as someone that lives right there.

    With that being said, i'm trying to figure out if I should be content with my current situation and just continue to make the most of things without living right on the coast or at least less than 30 minutes from it or if I should start finding a way to get closer to the water. Driving as much as I do is NOT fun, but I've been able to condition myself into thinking it's not all that bad because the end result (surfing) is always worth it, which it is. But like all things that require that much commitment, sh*t gets old and you just want to simplify things. If I lived right on the beach or less than 30 minutes from the water then I'd be able to fulfill my dream of surfing daily (conditions permitting), but it would require a complete life change I believe.

    I'm not so sure we could find jobs that pay us well enough doing what we do or something similar in a coastal area. Not only would the job situation be a challenge, but so is convincing my wife that we should move further away from our parents / family and closer to areas that get affected worse during hurricane season. I think if money / jobs weren't an issue for us I could convince her of the move, because we would still be driving distance from the family if we needed to visit. It just wouldn't be as often as we do now.

    We're getting close to being 100% debt free, and will soon be able to save some money and plan to buy a house, so this has me thinking. If we buy a house in the area we are currently in, it'll pretty much solidify what's going to happen for at least the next few years, BUT, if the right pieces were to fall into place, we could find ourselves on the beach or just over the bridge...

    What would you do? And How would you go about doing it?
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