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My 2 cents. Do it. If you plan to have kids, check out the school districts in the areas you look to make sure their ecceptable in case you plant permanent roots there. It's easy to overlook that when you don't have the kiddies to worry about yet....but you never know when their gonna come :-)

I live near my now aging family (parents/inlaws) and I'm 1hr from the beach....but for a time I lived close enough to hear sets from my bedroom when it was head high or better. I'm happy where I am now, but I'm not sure I would be had I not lived at the beach when it was feasible.

I don't yearn to live at the beach at this point, but it was a damn good experience for me....
I appreciate the .02 pkovo, man what i'd give to hear the ocean from my home, maybe one day... but it seems like the most likely scenario at this point is to find a place just on the otherside of the bridge, so technically it'll be on the mainland but literally just over the bridge from the water. No more than 5-10 minutes away. My wife just doesn't want to have the risk of being on the front line in the event of a direct hit from a hurricane. Not that homes on the other side of the bridge won't take a hit if that happens, but it makes her feel better.