Hey man I think you have to do it now. If you don't I think you will probably look back with regret. Don't rush though things will work out if you take your time. I've found that if i want my lady on board with something you have to start slow and plant a seed. It didn't take long for her to realize I'm a nicer person (less of a d___head) when I surf and I was MIA whenever a swell hit and she was stuck home with the kin. One day she asked if I wanted to look at houses near the water and that was it.

BTW I am a happy family guy and wouldn't change a thing but PJB is dropping some jewels on you son. His insight @ simplifying your life, eliminating what you want vs what you need, and realizing most of what we worry for is straight b.s.. good stuff dude! Its pretty scary how much of your recent stuff I've agreed with.