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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    And what did I do so wrong, SUP. I gave you a little fantasy scenario aboot Northern California and threw in some of my views aboot humanity. It wasn't insulting YOU. So why did this have to lead up to a b!tch fest? Why do you get offended because I say human relationships usually turn south? Why do you get uspet because I speak of semi-isolation in a redwood forrest? That wasn't a personal attack on you. This is, actually, really stupid.
    Your little story was cute and all, I really was enjoying it for the most part, but I just don't see how it was helpful in any way or relevant to the thread. I'm specifically seeking advice about relocating to the E. Coast of Florida, with my NEWLYWED Wife, you think it's good advice to tell someone who JUST got married to divorce their ole lady and become a nomad and move out into isolation? How was that supposed to help me? This isn't a BS thread where we're just slinging jokes left and right, don't get me wrong, have a sense of humor about things, but damn man, I really don't need to waste any time with fantasy scenarios that you dream up, save that crap for smoke sessions so we have something to BS about over a spliff, feel me?
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