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    Is this the longest running surfing soap opera thread in the existence of the Swell Info forums?
    Haven't been here since its inception but it's received the most coverage since the attempt at my assassination/exile upon my arrival and aspirations to be a world-class surf instructor while being a mere kook.

    It's also been an excellent thread in total where we have seen the true colors (in a great way) of many characters on here on real life topics. There was some bickering and usual Tom Foolery woven between the depth of haphazard intellectual exchange.

    Yes, at times it got a bit emo and resembled a male version of The View, but us primates need occasional honing of our sensitive sides if we are to successfully appease or rope them thoroughbred mares. But where's the harm in that? You're telling me you don't find time to pump the fist and crack your voice at the top of your lungs attempting to belt out 80's rock ballads like I Saw Red by Warrant?

    This thread started as a waltz, progressed to the Electric Slide, took a sharp turn into a b-boying/breakdancing battle between SUPplies! (anyone know that joke?? +1k for you if so) and PB&J that morphed into them doing the salsa, and now here we are, all ready for NJshred and gruvi to Teach Us How To Dougie. It's a beautiful synchronicity of the best and most honest parts of all that have partaken in this mosaic of introspective brahpalooza.

    I can't speak for everyone else (just PB&J when I'm speaking his unspoken Beautiful Mind language ), but I don't want it to end. As for the soap opera component, it's like Real Surfbrahs of Jersey/Carolina/Florida/Long Island/Boston/San Diego/Gulf of Mexico/Delaware/Rhode Island in one. Imagine watching the equivalent of Real Housewives on mute while you had every Sublime albums blasting concurrent with the RH marathon?

    Thanks for keeping the thread living another day. For if it starts to die out, I will defibrilate this bad boy before you can say "shot the pier" in a fast-forward Alvin & the Chipmunks voice. Long live the brahstival this thread has become.

    Clemmy...buddyyyyyy...bouts time for another group outing. This time at my place on the beach. If there are no waves I'll call in the Coast Guard to rip a vessel all afternoon/night to get a surfable wake going. I've got the BBQ items covered, LB - you bring the snack packs (you da coolest!), PB&J can bring up 6 half-barrels of Yuengling, Clemmy has white lightning duty, NJshred can bring his harem of tail (leave the Hindus behind), Erock can bring the white girl and his wit, chiccarone can something cool we just don't know about, Roy Stewy can haul some wild game from Auckland and we can serve this regal smorgasboard all on his 76-foot/172-stone superkalafragalistic wooden longboard and still have room for assorted midget and Mexi catering help to sit on the nose and tail.

    Honestly though, the jump off of all jump offs is about to go down in my village this weekend and I've got the prime location. The only thing preventing that aforementioned Project Spot-X from being on like Donkey Kong is if you guys don't PM me and show up. Best of all, there is allegedly some stormy swell (3-4ft; so in my mind 8-10ft) at the breaks that are a pedi-cab ride away from the frat house my crib will be. If you think I'm joking, then stay home, stay dry, and prepare for the regret of hearing what you missed. If this type of Hangover IV tickles your fancy (or fiveskin) then drop me a PM and I'll give you the deets. Again, this is 100% truth and I say that as I swear on the graves of both WWII grandfathers and Mark Foo.

    This has been a public service announcement, albeit devoid of pantsing myself in public. Back to the regularly scheduled Meaning of Life thread.

    (PB&J...I give you 90 seconds to PM me in response)
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