I have not been around here too long, but i have learned a few things by reading and watching posts. i have also learned what not to do, like show a pic with a exact location
( i did this the first few days on here). most of what i have learned has come through half way decent replies from posts. lately it has really got out of hand. threats, vulgarity, hat'n, your mother, my dad is bigger than your dad, stuff. i know there are women out there too, who read up. PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT. Micah dedicates time and energy to keep knuckle heads like all of us informed. so what happens, he get slammed. then there is the school yard fighting of who is better on water. come on guys if i want to see this crap i'll go back to myspace (just a joke). i went back, to look at peoples profiles, and when they joined. the ones who go way back have been really helpful to me and seem to be more seasoned surfers. lighten up on the the hate and slam'in and show some respect. what if swell would shut down? sometimes you really don't miss something until it's gone !!!
gettin off the soap box now