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Thread: Dawn Patrol!

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    Apr 2013
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    I don't know........

    This "Dawn Patrol" thing isn't as unheard of as y'all make it out to be. Especially in early summer. And summer is really the only good time for "Dawn Patrol" ....ahh catchy cliche phrases.

    Morning sickness is a real issue, and one that always happens if I wake before the sun anytime other than summer.

    The best time, and my opinion is fact, is winter.........late until dark. Getting out of the water in the peaceful, winter, blackness, on a cold December night - winds dead, that stillness in the air - is the best. Remember my opinion is fact and what is naturally right.

    Put that heat on your feet. After every winter session(in cold climates) ......put that heat on your feet.

    Put that heat on your feet / Put that heat on your feet

    Do you know what's sad aboot today's pop culture. The above line could be transformed in to a Romeo French Montana Lil Wayne Doggy TI Cheif Keef Young Jeezy Julez Santana classic. And that is just plain sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybabygrand View Post
    yea! ask for a guy named Turtle!
    I can't! He got shot by Johnny Utah after robbing the bank!!

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    X2 - Don't think I've ever seen the tide that low, by 9 you could see the end of the pipe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Got some nice, glassy stomach to chest peelers in CB yesterday morning. Thought I was only out for an hour because it was overcast and I couldn't tell the sun's position. Turns out I was out for 3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfish View Post
    X2 - Don't think I've ever seen the tide that low, by 9 you could see the end of the pipe.
    Wait until tomorrow's (Saturday) evening SUPERMOON high tide! +6' at around 7pm!
    CB North End is gonna flood!

    I'll be out gigging later that evening in our version of the Midnight Sun... Hopefully it won't be too overcast.

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    I once was "dawn patrolled" in high school. It was the morning after my first party and all the cool kids woke up early and did unspeakable things to those still asleep. I still haven't quite gotten the smell out of my nostrils.

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    What the eff am I supposed to do now? This would've been my 6th consecutive DP sesh but yesterday was flatter than flat and today looks worse. Dang brah, guess I'll get some shut eye and prepare for a ridiculously good beach day. So many fine women. And they all are in heat.