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Yeah, I would be looking at one of these:
Another +1 on Ricky Carroll. I just picked up a 9'2" RC JQ Noserider ("Jawbreaker Acid Wash" tint) about a month ago. I was actually planning on ordering a Levitator to couple with my Elevator, but the JQ seemed like the better option; better on the wallet too. It's the best noserider I have ever riden. Well done, RC. I owe you a beer for that one.

I've never riden the WIR, but I am a fan of the Magic Model. One of my first longboards was a 9'0" Magic Model. I rode it for a few years, until I buckled it on October 16th, 2011. It has since been replaced with a very similiar Magic Model. The Magic is definitely a great all-around board that will elevate your longboarding game. Its very receptive to different fin set ups, great hold down the line and it is very easy to generate speed. The bigger the wave, the better the ride for sure.