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    gift for a surfing buddy who has cancer?

    one of my best surfing friends has been diagnosed with cancer.
    had surgery and out of water now.
    I want to get him a gift of some sort. But what is acceptable and not acceptable?
    I was thinking like a cool surfing piece of art. or is this a bad idea?

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    Your friendship, your jokes,your visit might mean more than anything you can buy. Lots of times, people avoid sick friends out of their own discomfort. Visit, unless he doesn't want to see you.

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    Sorry about you Bud. I think it is a great idea. One of the reasons I paint is for people to enjoy what I know to be so great. Just Google hunt your city and Surf Art. Some people are particular about their taste in Surf Art though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Hope they founnd your Honda.
    Haha, yea they actually did.
    Then State Farm sent it to a SIU (Investigation Unit). They didn't believe that my house, etc was flooded.
    Just last week, State Farm decided that they will move forward with the claim.
    Today, State Farm tells me that I OWE THEM $2,400 because they stored the car since it they found it.
    Car worth $10,000 , Storage Fees = $12,400??

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    Agree with Betty 100%.

    How about a bunch of surf dvds, try to keep him stoked. In a situation like this there is almost nothing more important than a positive attitude.

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    I like what Betty said.
    Just a thought, but do you have any artistic, craft, metal or woodworking skills? You could make him something with a surfing or ocean theme. Doesn't have be be a masterpiece. It's the thought and the effort that count. From a friend to a friend. Maybe have all your mutual surfing buds sign it. A gift made by a friend can have more meaning than a purchased object.

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    sorry to hear about your friend, Jay Alders does great work.

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    Agree 110% with Betty: go visit. Having gone through some totally unexpected stuff in 2006 that blasted its way into my previously semi-idyllic life & landed me in the ICU for a long time, it was pretty darn interesting to me to see who visited (and why!).....but more so? who didn't.

    Having said, bag the surfing memorabilia. Your buddy wants to taste life! Because now he is way too aware that not only is Life fleeting, there's a big sun uvva beatch skulking nearby with a scythe & a skeletal grin that drops people in their tracks.

    So, my suggestion is.....get him some gift certificates to the local happy ending spa. Better yet, take him down there yourself. Set it up in advance so the spa knows the story. Hook a brutha up! Y'know, the one with the cuties who will do 'full service.' Man wants to LIVE, not peruse a Laird poster. Get him the max treatment, 2, 3 girls just full rub-down, anything he wants, the VIP program. He'll be grinning for days, and telling that story for as long as he lives & even if he doesn't want to partake of the happy ending, he will be one happy buoy.

    One man's humble opinion.
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    order the official print from Aaron Chang.

    the greatest surfing image of all time---- there's always hope.

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    Mabye if you have surfing pics of him create something with those.