Hey guys, I'm sure this has been done many times but I thought I'd ask anyway. I live in North Carolina where the waves are usually 1-3ft. I'm 5'9, 145lbs. Right nowI mostly ride my 5'6 neckbeard. Although I love it, I can't catch very many small, mushy, weak waves on it. It does better in waist to chest high surf. So, now I'm looking for a board that can surf in the mushiest, smallest surf, and still be fun.

My question is, can only a longboard do this? I'm not opposed to getting a long board or a fun board, but I have never owned one so I don't know what size or shape to get.

Or, should I look more into something like the CI Biscuit or Fishcuit, Bing Dharma, Lost coach potato etc. I really like the look of all those boards as they are more maneuverable.

Can those boards replace a long board in the mushy, gutless small surf of 1-2 ft? Has anyone owned any of those board and has feedback on them? Should I just forget about these short, stubby boards and just get a log? I'm open to suggestions too!

What do you guys think? Sorry for the long question, thanks!!!