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    Seal Beach / Bolsa Chica Low Tide VS. High Tide for a Novice

    First, sorry if this is a repeat thread.<br /><br />I've only been surfing for about 3 weeks. Surf a nice, wide 8' egg. My question is on tides. I've been surfing ray bay and found that high(er) tide was nice and slow waves to learn on. Pretty successful. 70% of the waves I caught and stood up on. I just got back and it was almost peak low tide. Awful. Steep, unpredictable waves. Chppy etc.. <br /><br />Alright, I'm a total kook but would appreciate some advice.<br />Is it GENERALLY slower, less steep and crappy when it's moving towards low-tide? GENERALLY slower and rolling towards high(er) tides?<br /><br />It's like a drug and I'm trying to go as much as I can (having 2 kids and a job) so I want to go at the right times for my 2 hours in the water a week.<br /><br />I'm a 43 year old so I'm just looking to enjoy it. Not looking to shred it up.<br /><br />Thanks.
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