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    remember the congressman from a few years ago who was worried guam would capsize if it got overpopulated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    As I sit here wondering/ know what? It is ALL of our faults.

    We don't do anything aboot nothing. Some may say Archy is a conspiracy nut but he gets involved and doesn't just talk. He walks.

    There are countries that are fighting to just be able to vote and most Americans don't even bother. We complain aboot our elected officials, yet we keep electing the same friggin people year after year. Sorry Marx dude, but religion isn't the opiate of the masses, entertianment, genitals and food are. You know the first time I heard "religion is the opiate of the masses" I tried to sniff a synagogue and a nun.

    We keep hearing certain politicians say, "LESS GOVERNMENT," as they pass seatbelt laws and laws for pedestrians crossing the friggin street. "Less government spending" as they spend billions per year fighting a war against plants and their derivatives. "I love Jesus" as they cut social programs and ignore the less fortunate. "FREEDOM" as they buy stock in privatized prisons and support urine testing.

    And you people wonder why I'm insane.........
    Thank you for my nightly hyperventilation of laughter on this forum. The closing line of the opiated of masses paragraph got me high.

    I'll be your running mate in 2016, mate.

    You see this Google Glass crap? I swear, by the end of the calendar year, I'm gonna find an exotic place like Galapagos or Madagascar and spend my remaining UNPLUGGED days sustenance farming, surfing and pro-creating even though apocalyptic events abound like day-vision goggles that record everything and everyone in sight...and bring you to your destination, Mr. Terminator.

    BTW...PB&J...we are angry. We just kill em with kindness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJAZguy View Post
    remember the congressman from a few years ago who was worried guam would capsize if it got overpopulated?
    Is he the same or different guy as the senator that opposed national defense, entrepreneurship and the need for the general population to get employed and contribute to the GDP? Because he was thought as something special and I think he got a promotion.