I've found that if you want to design a quad for "good" waves, you can get the best results by decreasing the cant and/or pulling in the tail template a touch. The theory is, you essentially double the vertical lift the fins create when you switch from a thruster to a quad, and when the wave size starts getting up to about head high, you don't need as much fin lift. So you can decrease the cant, or reduce the planing surface under your back foot. This will also help loosen up the feel... what Manisses mentioned.

As far as weight... it's really not a concern. We're really talking grams here. How much you ate before your session makes a bigger difference in weight than an extra empty box... or two. Many... many years ago, I was talking about mountain bikes and components and how crazy it was getting with guys trying to shave grams off their parts. The guy I was talking to said, "hopefully, the sack in my pocket weighs more than that."