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    South winds suck

    Omg....what I would give for this stupid south wind to go away. looks like 5 days of solid chest to head high in the middle of summer completely ruined by really strong south winds. UHHHHGGGG!

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    Heading to OBX tomorrow for the weekend. Hoping the south windswell will be my savior and send a few waves my way. Otherwise I'll have to lug a very heavy cooler full o' beers to the beach every day.

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    im going to paddle out anyway, should have enough size to find something out there

  4. south winds rock

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    ssw fu*ks the day

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    you realize chest-head high swells with any wind besides SSW/S come like 3 times a summer depending on how many tropical systems you get right?

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    have faith

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    summer bummer dude. Buy a 5/4 and wait.