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Anybody ever surf up at Kill Devil Hills? I had one session there like 14 years ago when a friend of mine went to college up that way, was a choppy mess, but made the most of it, I just remember how chill the vibe was
Yeah man. 1st St. in KDH is like the main go to spot in the area........at least it used to be. It's where all the cool kids, and masses alike, hang on hot July days. It used to come on quite a bit, though usually further south offered something better......usually.....maybe. Used to be a totally rippable wave. Maybe it still is......maybe it's not.

Too bad you probably can't move there. Probably would be hard to find a job in your sector. You gotta like the service industry, house building and real estate there. But not only would you be isolated from the outside world, but also your Floridian families. So I guess the odds are against a move there. Buffered by that Currituck County, Dukes of Hazzard, inland southland. The Dare county beaches don't offer a southern culture shock, but the Currituck mainland can and will.

But man, if you ignore the overzealous police and some fiesty born-and-bred locals(only some) the place is the best. It has a special vibe there that can't be matched anywhere. You feel more coastal there. You feel more in-tune with nature. It's totally laid back. You get the summer craziness leveled off by winter peace. If the sand is cooperating you can always find a peak to yourself. You got the Bible Thumpers and the pirates(drinkers, smokers, fornicators).......A sort of polarization yet still homogenous at the same time.

Rt 12(The Beach Road) in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head is, like, the best stretch of road ever. And the pelicans!! Outer Banks pelicans are second to none.

Ahhh that first warm spring swell when all of the local school kids dust of the surf equipment.....and Landroumats is serving up wedging 3-5 foot glass, you'll never have a better post-surf dinner.....or supper....or suppahhh. A monumental moment celebrating the end of a long, lonely winter..........or

That first, post-summer September 'cane swell when the line-ups are once again relatively empty. The sun shines happy and warm, and you're back in that comfortable cacoon that summer tore open and sexually assaulted. Man, you can't be anywhere better on the right coast than October in the Banks. The crowds are down, the water is warm, the waves keep coming(maybe), all the businesses are open minus the crowds and the weather is beuatiful. Spiritual, SUP, down right spiritual.

Damn, any Jersey clowns want to take me on a Banks trip ?? Anyone??