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Yes 4/3 with surf cap for dawn patrol. Then 30 minutes later switch to a 3/2 back zip. 20 minutes later unzip it, but keep it on. An hour later, go for the trunks with your favorite sand blocking underwear and long sleeve rash guard. By 9 am you should be ready for the loose rash guard tee but watch those nips. Tape em up. Naked by lunch. Keep the tape on there's kids around.
Dude! Watermans just came out with a special sunscreen for your junk! Like all other Watermans products, you can get it in white or flesh color. It's called the Nuttstick.

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Oh there he is......some were starting to think(myslef included) you might have been a pro football player arrested on murder and gun charges...........

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Erock- you mean the standard 8-10ft everywhere? I've been waiting all week til tomorrow.
Yeah man! Wear all your wetsuits at once!