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EMass, you sound like a bitter old man, haha. Your e-grudge is probably going to be held for as long as I post here. It seems like there are two camps here - Those that weren't able to depend on their parents past 18 and those that were able to.
To those of you that moved out and made it on your own, congratulations and you deserve all of your success. My generation in general feels that we won't have nearly the oppurtunities our parents had. Our parent's parents could make it with a high school diploma and a good work ethis. Our parents got college degrees and were set with good careers. Us, we invest so much in our education and get slapped in teh face with things like McDonald's now requiring a bachelor's degree.
I feel like this may be the new norm... Kids go to college and those that have generous parents will stay home, save money, and buy houses. Just seems like if you get caught up in that, you're building a life that you have no power to change. I'd rather throw caution to the wind and get out there and do something unexpected. Hell, I'll move to Maine or South Florida and work construction
You're right about getting out there and throwing caution to the wind and doing something about your situation, that I agree with, but to say your generation will have it harder than mine or my parents generation is totally wrong.

This is Murica, land of the free, home of the brave, remember? Tell some guy who just came over from another country with nothing but the clothes on his back and a dream of being FREE that there is no opportunity in this country. Immigrants, illegal and legal alike, all come here because it's the best country to live in the world, and offers the most opporunity, the American Dream still exists, but you won't find it thinking that way.

As much as the economy has sucked lately, it's still better than the alternative. Plenty of jobs out there, just gotta open your mind some and see what's available. Trying to follow in your Father's footsteps is too cliche bro, don't fall into that trap and limit yourself. Some would turn their noses up at a McDougal's job, but I could walk down the street right now and find 10 people in an hour who probably would be happy to have that job (better than panhandling), so keep that in mind when you're out in the world and don't see anything opportunties.