Greetings! <br />Let me explain my preposterous subj heading...<br />I can make that claim because I have created a new metric by which to measure the sometimes/often times sh#tty east coast slop we get in Summer. One simply has to measure (guesstimate of course) how far down the line or in case of a close-out, how far towards shore one has ridden the rinky dink lil wave. On a normal, howlingly side shore, 2ft. blown out day it makes for funny looks in the lineup when I'm screaming to friends how I just snagged a \\\"23 footer!!!!\\\" (maybe that was what NJShredmachine was talking about all this time?? lol)<br /><br />In other news the surf is finally up on the NC coast. <br />That South Swell was wrapping in nicely during high tide at CB just a lil while ago. I hope some peeps got to sample that. If not it should be here all weekend. sEe ya shredders in the H20! and good luck catching that elusive \\\"56 ft.\\\" wave!<br /><br />-people call me \\\"stoked guy\\\" but swell info wouldn't let me change my handle! peace!