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    Sunday early am (DP) was a nice surprise @CCNS. Waist to shoulder w/some head high +. Fairly clean, Sweet & Juicy.

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    heard the same story about the fridge, dont know how true it is tho. there's still a lot of wild stuff washing up

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    whoa whoa whoa wait a minute. You were at the north end this weekend? Please say saturday morning. Please say at the dredging pipe. I saw this guy in tinted goggles and I know it was you.
    Yes. Busted. Also had the 6/5/4, with hood, the 7 mil booties, the 7 mil gloves & it must be noted that my Wavejet performed spectacularly.

    I actually thought I saw you on your blue foamie but maybe not? since you rarely venture out from Sandbridge.

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    Went out Saturday and Sunday morning in central NJ... Saturday was super glassy and peeling, although a little upwelling with the incoming tide. Still super super fun. Yesterday morning was still pretty good, not as glassy... All in all, can't beat back to back waist-chest high peelers in late June.

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    After the still water for days, I got out to some favorable conditions Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon with double sessions two of the days in between a great weekend with friends and family. Size was solid, closeouts weren't constant, and peaks were shifty and challenging to reach but they were there all weekend. My go-to breaks are all typically less-traveled but had up to a dozen which many of you would love to see as yours are overcrowded. Everyone was enjoying the swell and no aggro/idiots/selfishness so it was great.

    Highlights of the weekend for me were nailing a great drop in, backside bottom turn and grovel through the residual mush on the new Retro Fish I got (sick board but definitely a learning experience) on my last ride of the night on Sunday, then getting my 3 longest rides ever during tonight's session when I pumped down the line more effectively than I ever have. Was watching surf vids with skilled buddies the night before and one was talking about the right way and time to pump and I did it spontaneously tonight, much to my delight.

    Each session this weekend was a sick workout because we were trying to get every damn wave we could manage since who knows when the next one will come. Lots of gratitude during these sessions. Love walking off the beach in the happy barn knowing I did something I'd never done before.

    Hope all you guys had great weekends also!

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    It's a great when you feel yourself progressing, good stuff.

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    Had a bunch of fun sessions all weekend around local spots in Narragansett. Fun, chest high, clean-semi clean conditions at almost all spots this whole weekend.

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    I couldn't really recall a day where it was flat, lake-like conditions this past June. Everyday was surfable and thigh high on average. Some of the days you had to time the tides right but if you had the flexibility you could have had a decent session everyday during the past month.

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    It's been really fun for a while now honestly, there's been something to ride every day i've had available to get out there and then some, fun for me = anything rideable. Even the Gulf has produced a little nugget here and there, which is always a bonus. Spending the next 5 days on the E. Coast so i'm going to get it in for sure...

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    Four days in a row of solid surf here. Mostly stomach-chest high and clean. The waves packed some punch between low and high tide. Made tons of progress in my surfing over the past four days just watching surf videos and then getting out and riding wave after wave. My stoke will probably last me through the holiday weekend as I relax with some heavy drinking and tourist watching.