Fellows, please stop arguing. I'm aboot to cry. You guys need to read The Great Brain Goes to the Academy by John D. Fitzgerald. Spicoli, Koki is a man of resepct around here so please treat accordingly. He's one smooth, dude.

How aboot posting aboot not-scoring.......like yesterday. Aww man, it was just so bad. It's badness was accentuated by the decent bubs that had been pouring through in previous days. Man, I was just shootin my board towards shore. Trying to ride backwards. Pushing my board out to sea while I played Mark Cunnigham and Jaques Costeu(No I ain 't French so if I muffed the dude's name, so be it.) Chasing my board towards shore was the biggest thrill of the day. I did get a good pizza last night though.

On a happier note: Lets hear it for the water temps !!! APPLAUSE NOW..........Mid to uppper 50's in Nueve Yersey, you just can't ax for more. Like, there was no one in the water when I was oot yesterday. Not a soul. And the past week was pretty sparse considering the time of year with surfin' waves o' plenty. Me likey.