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I would be the farm that VB authorities have'n been doing any water testing for a good long while.
I'll see about picking up a water kit sometime soon when I actually take some vacation from work and do a test around Little Island and the S-turns. I'll let people know what I find and also will report to surfrider obviously.

About the S-turns... I haven't been to Sandbridge once since February and it used to be my daily spot for surfing. From what I heard is the S-Turns are gone... meaning the beach was pushed out to even out what used to be the S-turns. The same replenishment also happened at Little Island so I would assume the breaks are gone. Obviously I have not been out there; but as mentioned above I will make a jaunt out there sometime soon to check it out. Dodging the surfsession kids and the tourist population at Croatan is okay for me; but my kids can't really learn much with trying to dodge (and not be in the way) of others.

I'll let you guys know.

Also I picked up another surf book recently from Amazon about surfing injuries and such called "Surf Survival". I'm currently thumbing through it but it relates a lot of the surf sicknesses that we may pick up from dirty water to winter surfing. If I see anything that matches up I'll also let you know.