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i think you've hit the nail on the head here...in my experience, most people don't have the patience or the interest to properly fix their own dings. then they bring it to the shop where i work & ask for an estimate & balk. everyone wants it done cheap, but they want it too look like nothing ever happened. sorry kiddies, professional work takes time & costs $$$.
True that. Everyone wants something for nothing and expects it too. Professional work like you do doesn't come out of nowhere. It's from years of experience that the people walking into the shop haven't put forth or don't want to, and that's when you have to open your wallet when you want top-notch and can't DIY. Learning to maintain your own equipment for a pastime is not only cost-effective, it both keeps you in the game without delay of inoperable gear and it gives you an appreciation for what you love in a different light.