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    Modern Hawaiian Longboarding

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    Longboard Habit days like these.

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    Singlefin Yellow is a cool concept, the same board "randomly" sent to some of the best longboarders in the world. Sick footage of Bonga Perkins riding a 9'6" singlefin at Pipe. Thomas Campbell's flicks have great soundtracks and killer footage as well... Seedling, Sprout and The Present. One California Day isn't bad either. I like the topic, it's inspiring to watch some of the killer footage to keep the stoke.

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    "LONGER - a look at Joel Tudor" a movie by JBROTHER is soooo cool. It is set to a jazz beat, and shows close up angles of The Master in different locales on different longboards and weird hybrids. Amazing footwork! "Open your mind...and your boards will follow" it says on the cover.