Hey everyone,
I have had pressure dings on the bottom of my boards before, but never blisters/bumps. These look big when the light hits them like in the picture, but they are only about 3 inches long and less and an inch wide and you can barley feel them. (the board is 9'2''). It doesn't look like a delam, but like a blister is forming from deep within the 8oz glassing. I am super careful with my boards, but lately, my wife has been coming to the beach with me, so after an early morning surf, we hang on the beach and I keep the board in a sock, but in the hot hot heat.

Is this the result of putting a wet board in a sock and letting it sit in the sun? I was hoping the sock would be enough to keep the sun off it.

I can live with these small bumps because they don't look or feel bad, but I don't want it to get worse. Do you recommend I start using a day bag if I plan on being at the beach for a while?