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Thread: Running Away

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    Running Away

    Ok so I just graduated CC and im takein a year/semester off before real college to go somewhere cool to surf.. But i cant decide I anticipate havein about 7000$ to work with and would like to be outa here for atleast 2-3 months, ill be going it alone i think. Warm or cold I dont care just needs to be constant with some big stuff every now and then down to travel around too if the price is right. Planning on doing it some time between nov-march. Tips recommendations whatever throw em my way thanks.

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    Costa Rica. You can live like a king for very little cayshe. Definitely check it out. I have buddies that go every year in February and surf perfect waist to chest high waves everyday they are down there. I finally saved enough scratch to go this year. Im tired of looking at pics of their great rides and bungalows on the beach. My turn.

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    hey dude,
    when I finished school and after a year of work I took off two months and went snowboarding. started my roadtrip first stop Colorado. from there I hit ski towns all the way up the rockies until I got to British Columbia. I was alone too but arranged to fly my dad and brother in for a week and Co. and a friend flew in to Canada for a week too. I recomend having friends meet you along your trek and travel through places where there will be people you know who you can crash with, it will make the trip better. In all I think I spent about $10,000 on gas, food, lift tickets, cheap motel's souveniers. you should make out better because you will not have to pay for lift tickets. and dont act sketchy going through any borders like mexico, the canadian agents broke a buckle on my backcountry backpack when they were searching my vehicle and it was a real bummer and they will search you if you have alot of bulky baggage such as surf/snowboards. If your 18 year old ass thinks it can handel it, I would go to mexico, you will remember this trip for the rest of your life.
    there is a benefir in traveling and staying put somewhere for a few months too, you could pick up a part-time job at a restaurant or teaching tourists how to surf or something like that, might even find a job that offers lodging but you need a visa if your gonna do that outside of the U.S.
    another tick is you could buy an old beatup 4x4, drive it wherever you plan on going without worrying about wrecking your permanent car and selling it when the trip is over and buy a plane ticket back home. even could sleep in the beater if need be and if the vehicle looks ****ty enough you wont worry about theft.
    be very social you will make lots of friends on this trip so facebook asap you never know who you are going to keep in touch with and having a surfer buddy that lives in say... west coast mexico will come in very handy.
    travel light and buy used surfboards when you get there, then you will not be as upset when you break them. and dont hold back!
    this is all I can think of right not. pm me if you have anymore travel questions.

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    Take your $7000 and move to Washington. Start a marijauna store, and finish your schoolin' there. Once your business takes off buy a boat. Take trips up to British Columbia and down to Seaside, Oregon. Plus, explore the straight of Juan de Fuca during raging NW swells. Surf Westport in between.

    And fellas, let's come up with some new spots besides Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Barbados. There have been quite a few, " Where should I go" threads as of late. All with the same three responses. You heard the dude, he don't mind the cold........So lets get more interesting with the answers. Thank you.

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    $1500 will get you a plane ticket to Indo. I'd go there if I had 3 months off. Try to pair up with someone to travel with if possible. Home base on the Bukit, travel around Bali and sidetrips to G-land and Desert Point. Best waves in world, cheap, adventure, paradise.

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    If cold is not a concern my first choice would be Ireland. Home base around Dongeal Bay.

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    Ireland, that would be my pick if I wasn't interested in tropical

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    Central America or Indo.
    7k will take you a long way in either place. more then 2-3 months.
    what Stinkbug said on Indo. also try to get up to Sumatra. Nias, Mentawais, etc...
    my advice on Central Am would be start in Panama, hit Costa, Nica, El Sal, then bus it or fly to Mainland Mex. (you can do without honduras or Guatemala on waves)
    youll meet so many people along the way, so you may not need a travel friend, but convincing to meet up with one of your boys for a week or 2 would be sick.
    have fun

    oh wait, i didnt see the time of year. i dont know how Indo is Nov-March.
    Central america is fun in Nov and Dec. starts to get less consistent in Jan and Feb.
    Europe, Morocco might be better as thats their swell season. 7k wont go as far tho.
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    Do the N. Africa trek. Morocco, Cape Verde, Azores. Or Morocco, Spain, France, Basque Country. It pumps over there in the winter.

    Don't write off Brazil and the East coast of South America either.
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    Peru!!! Not too hot, not too cold, not too big and not too small... best left points in the world.