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    Broken Ankle Recovery

    Hi all, thought I would seek out advice from other surfers dealing with ankle issues. Four months ago I had a serious ankle break due to a rock climbing accident. I am just now able to walk normally and attempt surfing again. I am dealing with a lack of mobility in my right ankle that makes it difficult to plant my back foot when I go for steep waves. I end up on my toes when I push up, only when my knee straightens out can I plant my foot, which by then is too late. I have a few pins and a metal plate in my ankle that makes the joint stiff and until those get removed it is uncertain if full mobility will return. Wondering if anyone has any advice or techniques that might help me transition into gimp surfing. Goddamn this is frustrating.

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    Besides basic ankle physical therapy exercises (google them) which will help get strength and range of motion I would recommend some balance exercises as well because I would imagine with the extra "hardware" in your ankle its going to feel a little different too. I was in the same boat back when I was a teenager; but due to the injury to my ankle and knee I went through a physical therapist to get my movement back.

    Best tool I used for balance was a indo board at the doctors office and then I made a DIY for home that I still use and now my kids use it for balance training (or playing depending on when you see them).

    Also be careful with the therapy if your doing it on your own as you don't want to re-injure any part of your ankle by going to fast! If you have a doc your going to he/she should be recommending something based on your activity level too... if not he/she sucks in their profession

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    That sucks... I had a tore all the ligaments in my ankle (not nearly as serious as your injury) 12 years ago, so I feel you pain. It is very hard to do anything when you're that stiff.
    Like Drast said Indo Board was super helpful. Also standing on that balance ball thing while lifting or doing squats.
    But the best thing for me was running in the sand. It really helped me get more stability. Walk at first if it's hard to run or it hurts too much.
    Other than that, just keep surfing as long as it's not painful. You'll loosen up and get back eventually. 4 months is nothing with a break that bad.

    Good luck

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    repeat 2-3 times a day, 5 minutes on each foot.

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    Good luck buddy. I have broken my right ankle a few times and sprained it numerous other times, it's arthritic now. My doc told me to do a static stretch which helped me regain flexibility in the achilles. Sounds like that is your main hold up right?

    Here's how it works, just stand on the stairs, weight all on the ball of your foot and just let your heel hang down. Stand there for a minute or whatever you can bear without causing too much pain. If you can stand there for 5 minutes or more, you will notice some strides in your flexibility. Good luck man, like NYNJ said, 4 months is nothing, be patient and persistent and good luck.

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    Hope you heal up soon. Shattered my Tibia/Fibula/Ankle a few years ago, had 21 screws and 2 plates installed, mine was my back foot too, so I know exactly how you feel. Best advice is to absolutely do your physical therapy until they tell you you are done. DO NOT try to do it yourself when you start feeling better, it's almost impossible to push yourself towards recovery the way a professional can, and that will be the best way to get your ROM back and break up all that scar tissue.

    Second, is to go to a Chiropractor, if you don't already. Hobbling around on one leg at this point probably has you COMPLETELY out of whack, I started having weird knee/hip pains during my recovery because of how much my body was compensating for the constant limp. Getting back into alignment is one of the best ways to get back at it again. They can also help to adjust your ankle so that your bones/muscles/nerves all begin communicating correctly again. Some also do massage work, which is really good at loosening things up. If you don't believe in Chiro's at least do some good full body stretches and core works outs (planks, balance ball etc) to recondition the muscles that are compensating.

    As for home work-outs:

    Kahuna Kai was spot on with the heel-drop excersize, just take it SLOW.

    Balance on one leg: Start on flat ground, stand on bad ankle and raise other foot 6" off ground, hold and then extend your foot 6" in front of you, hold, extend 6" behind you, hold. Repeat. After you are comfortable on flat ground, you can move to standing on a piece of foam, then a balance ball to progressively decrease the stability. DO BOTH LEGS, it's amazing how out of whack you feel on the other leg too. Do this 10 mins 2x-3x a day

    Use resistance bands to strengthen calf muscles: This is one of the best things you can do, this will help strengthen your calf muscle and the muscles it works with, doing this is going to mimic a front-side bottom turn where you're pushing on your back foot. It will also help to stretch your achilles.

    Go to the gym and strength train your legs: Hopefully you were lucky like me and you can do this at your PT center (I hate going to gyms), but strength training your legs is going to be the only way to get your muscles anywhere near their original size after the atrophy.

    Walk on sand: this is one of the best things to help break up scar tissue and increase your ROM

    The last thing to think about is to get a new leash that has REALLY GOOD padding, or modify your existing leash with some extra neoprene, you have no idea how scary/painful it is to have your board tomb-stoning and your leash cranking on your bad ankle, especially if your scars are tender. To this date my leash and COLD water are the only things that really let the hardware hinder me.

    For me it's been about 4 1/2 years and I'd say it's going to take you solid year to feel somewhat confident again and probably 2 years where you realistically regain your normal line of progression. But it's so worth it, after an injury like that, you will never take a surf session for granted again!!

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    Thanks for the recommendations! I will look into a chiro for sure. I have been in PT for the last three months, slow going but my therapist is hopeful that the discomfort and ROM will improve once the metal is taken out next month. You are spot-on about the leash issue. I have a calf leash that I have been using but it can get sketchy and often ends up wrapped around my ankle anyways. Fear of my ankle colliding with the board is a HUGE issue for me now, I don't have the confidence to really charge anymore. Anything risky and I sit it out. You all are right, it is going to take more time. If anything this accident has been a real practice of patience. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BioWave56 View Post
    Walk on sand: this is one of the best things to help break up scar tissue and increase your ROM
    +1 this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BioWave56 View Post
    Hope you heal up soon. Shattered my Tibia/Fibula/Ankle a few years ago, had 21 screws and 2 plates installed, mine was my back foot too, so I know exactly how you feel...after an injury like that, you will never take a surf session for granted again!!
    so true. Joints are the worst thing to injure. If you ever get past the pain an changing.

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    broke my fibula 8 weeks ago. i feel you man. just surfed the other day first time. ive been doing toe up and heel ups in a pool as deep as i need to take the body weight off. the biggest thing for me was the double strap ankle brace. it really helped. you WILL get better. be blessed.

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