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    Big brother is watching....

    So you guys can choose to believe this or not, but heres what happened to me in my view:

    I walked back from a girls house on the 26th of June, went on the internet late at night and discovered some government documents on wikileaks or something. (I believe the site was actually called and found two pieces of classified paper produced by the FBI, pertaining to the OCCUPY WALLSTREET movement and a plot to assassinate some major "leaders" in Houston texas of the leaderless movement utilizing suppressed sniper fire. A movement I have been a major player in.

    Long story short:

    Within 5 minutes of posting these documents on facebook, my phone reset itself back to default factory settings, my computer shut off and glitched, and there was a local police officer at then end of my driveway.

    I asked him what was wrong, he asked my name, I told him and he drove off. Observed 3 pigs in my driveway 15 minutes later while squatting in the woods by my house.

    a long manhunt ensued and ive been on the run since.

    Your thoughts gentlemen? The floor is yours. just thought i would put it out there. 203-556-3520
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