I'm fairly new to shortboarding. I use a Lost that I'm not sure the model on, but it is a narrower round tail board with not much float that really only allows me to get waves that are larger and more powerful. I feel as though I'm not learning as I should since the only waves I get with it are large and fast and don't allow me to do much observing or practicing.

I'm looking for a board that will allow me to ride smaller surf in the summer, and because I'm low on money, also have enough float for me to shortboard in the winter, which I can not do on my current shortboard. I used my tri fin 8'9 longboard all last winter, and while I love longboarding, some days I just wished I could have something more maneuverable.

I was thinking of maybe getting a CI neckbeard. I am 5'10 185 pounds, if I ordered it around 6'3-6'5, would it be big and floaty enough for me to satisfy what I'm looking for? I am not kelly slater, so a little size shouldn't bother me, as I am not making lightning fast top to bottom turns or performing airs.

I was also looking at the Lost Bottomfeeder, which I saw someone in the lineup with last winter, but I think I want to try and go with something that resembles a shortboard a little more.

I see the recomendations on the neckbeard are to go smaller, but I figure to get the versatility I want I should go a bit longer, am I wrong in thinking this?
Any other board recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the input.