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    Moving to San Diego

    Heading out to San Diego from NY with a couple friends in September. Trying to find a place to live for a year or so. We're looking in Pacific Beach/Clairemont/La Jolla area. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions or advice on areas, expenses, jobs, beaches, skateparks, etc. Thanks.

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    THis is about the 50th thread on this subject. check some older threads, but there are some guys on here from the 619. Good luck

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    Ocean City
    lived in both OB and PB in 2003 and 2007. OB has a pretty sick skatepark. at least when i lived out there they did.
    lived in PB in 2007 about a mile from the beach. one bedroom place for like $1250 or something like that. it was an apartment community with a pool, etc. probably cheaper just finding an apartment than a community type thing.
    Pb is a great spot to live. lots going on, bars, restaurants, girls everywhere, beach. cant beat it. you would be in a good location with access to a lot. probably about midway between blacks and sunset cliffs. pm me if you have any specific questions.

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    San Diego
    Clairemont is cool. Thats where I live. It has easy access to pretty much all the good breaks. There is a super fun skatepark and the O.B. skatepark is fairly close.