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    Epoxy Boards..

    So I picked up an epoxy NS board off craigs list this past winter. Its in great shape and the guy I bought it from, I got the impression he got it and decided he didn't like surfing. I have never surfed an epoxy before and I have to say that after about 5 sessions... I am really enjoying how this board surfs. 1st off its super light. even lighter then an old 6'6" nev from the mid/late 90's I have laying around my garage, which is paper thin.
    It also seems like its more float even though its pretty thin and the speed I can generate down the line is really surprising to me. I would say it feels like its just about to squirt out from under me as i'm making my bottom turn.

    Anyone have indepth experience between pu v epoxy boards to shed some light on the normal performance differences? I think if I were to pull the trigger on a new board right now I would go with epoxy.

    happy 4th!
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