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    Ocean View, DE

    Damn- that water is cooooooold!

    WTF - it's 4th of July weekend and the water is 69 degrees!!! WHOA! I'm tempted to wear my short suit but not sure it will cut it. Otherwise, all I have is my 4/5. What's going on? I thought east coast water was supposed to be like bath water in the summer. It feels more like Santa Cruz, CA, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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    Cry me a river and get in that water! LOL

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    69? OC and Assateague have been like 60-65 for the past few days since this upwelling kicked in earlier this week.

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    Refer to my post yesterday about the positive vasodilation that is seen in the crotchal region when you've been in 36 degree water February 8th and count up day by day to reach the high 60s now in July. I had to get out of the water earlier after only 4 minutes for fear of scalding burns. These cats who long for being sautéed like a jumbo shrimp must be a tropical people.

    I was comfortable here in MA lately with my baggies and 2mm topper at 65. If it gets over 70, I may have to talk to my firefighter buds to grab their heatproof extrication coveralls. I can't be having no second-degree burns on this hard earned golden-bronze trophy. Eat your heart out NJshred.

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    cold + extremities = vasoconstriction

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    I so hear you. Yesterday I did dawn patrol for my first time ever here in Florida and the water was so cold at 73. Wished I had brought my nice warm suit! After two hours I was shivering badly and cut the sesh short. Was still super fun though and there was my one heart stopping ride, totally made it worth it

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    Ocean City is definitely colder than 69 degrees right now.

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    Water is warmest aug-sept in the NE

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    Yeah wildwood is cold too, I went out with a 3/2 and then i got kinda chilly so I threw a 2/2 on over top and I did t feel a thing. The waves sucked anyway, just more steep drops into ankle depth water

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    Its all perception . .waters fine