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A cane going over a relatively small landmass, in an area of warm friggin water, won't dissapate too much...i.e. Carribean Islands.......Florida.........once the core gets back in that warm friggin water and no upper wind shearing has occured that sucka can just strengthen thinking aboot New Jersey and how the NJ tourism board taunts him/her. Dudes, I have "Stronger than the Storm" just ringing in my head these days, and I keep picturing Chris Christie's daughter staring at me........and his wife. Handsome family by the way

Don't even think aboot Pacific hurricanes unless you are headed to Laguna Beach for surf and to see the town of Archy's favorite MTV show of the same name....like eponymous and all.

Oh I'm just joking with you Archy. Hopper better than Citta? That's just ridiculous. Though everyone knows Brian Kelly was the best surfer in New Jersey ever, except for Matt Keenan. Next you'll be telling me that Sam Hammer(scary, scary dude) is better than Sam Zuegner. LBI is where all the tough kids come to play, even though the area is 15 years behind the rest of the state when it comes to drugs, thugs, and guns. Hey Ocean County types, try not to OD, ok, you sissies. Jesus, they've been dropping like flies the past couple of months.
ODing in the OC is just a way of life for us up here PJB. We arent sissies, were just not afraid to die.

Sam Zuegner?