Call yourself a little bit*h. But everyone isn't scared to surf a reef.
I've surfed a lot of places too. I'm not saying I'd charge massive Pipe, Chopes, or other death defying waves.
But I have surfed solid reefs. I 'd take a head high reef over beach break any day. And if you've done it, you'd know that it's actually way easier than a dumping beach break.

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I've surfed a lot of places. I've surfed many big east coast and west coast hurricane swells, but really big swells on the pacific islands are on a totally different level...and they break over corral/rocks, not sand (as if surfing over shallow corral isn't a skill in itself). The waves are exponentially more massive and powerful in person than you'd ever imagine from pics or video. For instance, even medium swell on oahu's north shore is something that would take the average mainland surfer 6 months to a year to acclimate to...anything over that and you basically have to grow up riding those conditions.

People talk big on the net...but until I see proof you of surfing the pacific island's top spots, you're just a little b*tch, like the rest of us. Pro surfing is a real's not a boring job, but a real job.