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Thread: pro surfers

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    The only team sport I honestly ever enjoyed playing was hockey.
    That's one of the few widely popular pro sports I like to watch... never played though--wasn't a lot of ice around here growing up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    "Not to(o) many doctors or lawyers come from low income schools. They are not given those opportunities."

    Aside from the fact that many do (trust me, I know a lot of doctors... my wife is one... so lets give them credit) a disproportionate number of high achievers DO come from more affluent communities. And you're right... that's something we need to address as a nation. But you seem to be confusing "low in come schools" with "low income families," like a lot of people. Again, our knee-jerk reaction is to blame the school, and not the family... the parent... the community... Schools are an easy target, because our taxes go toward funding them, and the salaries of teachers and we have a right to speak out against them. It's ok to attack a school system or personally attack a school administrator on youtube. Somehow, that's acceptable, but it only goes one way. If a teacher or principal attacked a parent on youtube, right or wrong, they'd never work in public education again.

    Don't get me wrong... public education, IMO, has a long way to go. But shallow thinking critics, who are most often the most vocal, have NO CLUE what drives education, and the depth of the issues that plague our schools and communities. Do bad things happen to good teachers and good students... absolutely. I've seen it myself personally. But don't think that just because somebody posts a rant in the social media that they're right.

    I hated school as a kid. When I graduated high school I swore, "I'd never spend another day in a classroom as long as I live."

    Life is funny sometimes...