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    You left out a few things:

    the crowds are so bad, woe is me

    this mean guy yelled at me for dropping in on him, here's the video, was I in the wrong

    SUP v. cyclist v. shortboarder v. longboarder v. hydro foiler v. skater v. conspiracy theorists, who wins?
    Couple more:

    My daddy is a naval commander and I want to be just like him and go to officer candidate school but wounded warriors are a joke! Oh yeah, and I've had everything in my life handed to me but why don't I feel like a real man?

    The [insert apocalyptic force] is tearing our world apart and taking over our government!

    Frack you!

    I don't have the dedication or care to develop my paddling skills nor do I have the patience to work my way out the back. How can I buy a WaveJet?

    I'm 7'4" tall and 394 lbs, will this 5'4 fish float me?
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