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    Didn't have my baggies with me, only a pair of gym shorts. Luckily it was in a wildlife refuge, so only the critters were laughing. Had to widen my stance every time a wave would break on my back so it wouldn't pull them down to my ankles. Have surfed on shrooms back in the day, but not naked. We were all laughing too much to catch many waves. I would not recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    I got axed by a wave at Pipe and it ripped off my boardshorts. As you might know there is a bit of a crowd there. Like you, luckily I was able to find my shorts.
    That's sick! I'd love to test my mettle at Pipeline someday. I've only watched in awe from the shore and then driven to Haleiwa where I wouldn't kill myself, or anyone else.

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    Matapalo CR, giant sneaker set came from nowhere. Lip hit me in the back while trying to duck dive. pulled trunks off but caught them with my toes. several more reamed me and the last one hit just outside me and blew me on the beach. I was nekkid but had my trunks in a gorilla grip with my toes.