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    Its hit or miss north of LBI........changes every 10 blocks or so......from no damage to utter devistation.......tons of out of state plates.......there are alot of families/owners who aren't rebuilding....some places still look like war zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_tarasiewicz View Post
    Hey just wondering which beach would be best to surf at and which street. i went up a month or so ago and normally i just go to division street of surf city and shipbottom but when i checked it out like 8 streets down at ship bottom was looking nice. thanks if you can give me a heads up im heading there for 2 weeks maybe ill get lucky haha
    Uhhh guys..... Mr. Tarasiewcz is asking where all the best spots are. Can someone please post on the internet where all the new spots are?!?

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    North to about 6th in OC is alright, they just finished dredging and the bars are all out of sorts, still fun if you go to the right spots, i am waiting to see how it holds the winter swells, either gonna be amazing or atrocious. The water used to come right up to the boardwalk now they replenished so much sand the beach is about a quarter mile out

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    we might not be as big as Jaws.. Jaws" (Pe'ahi) is the name given to a big wave surfing reef break on the island of Maui in the U.S. state of Hawaii.[1] but we get barrells on the REG up here brahh. i recommend that if you come here you bring your A game brahh..